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Welcome to CGS.

Making the early years count since 1986.

At CGS, we believe in a balanced approach for your child's education.

Our challenging, personalized academic curriculum is complemented by excellent arts programming and physical education. We also place a strong emphasis on character and cultural programming. CGS students are encouraged to look beyond their own environment to make connections with the world around them.

Learn more about the CGS Philosophy

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"Our children have had outstanding experiences at CGS. We are thrilled that their formative years have been spent in such a nurturing environment."

"We visited several private schools in the area and were fortunate that one of them was CGS. When we entered the school, we immediately got a sense that this would be the right place for our child."

"Our son started JK this past September and the experience for him and for us has been totally positive. We are thrilled with the academic programmes."


The days at CGS are busy!

Along with our core curriculum, students study French, music, physical education, drama, art and computer technology. 

There are many ways for students to discover their special interests and talents outside the classroom. Our yearly musical, talent show, student government elections, science fair, public speaking contest and school clubs provide CGS students with consistent opportunities to build skill and confidence over time.

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